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  • One of Rotary International’s areas of focus is supporting education.  Computers 4 Learning now has the capacity to bring the power of on-line learning to the off-line world through our Teacher in a Box servers which turn any Wi-Fi enabled device into a browser.  People in remote areas and developing countries can now access the FREE quality teaching software of Khan Academy as well as 1000’s of other quality educational resources…. All without the need to access the internet.
  • Computers 4 Learning is now using RACHEL (Remote Area Community Hotspot for Education and Learning) as a content provider for our Teacher in a Box units.  Be prepared to be AMAZED!!!    List of FREE modules that are available
  • Many educational institutions such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are now making their coursework freely available via the internet and therefore course information could be loaded and made accessible offline through Teacher in a Box.
  • Click the button at the bottom of the page to see the modules included on the standard build for Teacher in a Box.  You will note that some of the available information has an African focus.  We would like to be able to tailor our Teacher in a Box content for other regions as well.  Please assist by sourcing quality free educational content for other regions.
  • Teacher in the Box servers support self-paced learning as well as classroom teaching and the amazing selection of educational programs will have a huge impact especially in places where there are limited teaching resources and teachers with limited training or education themselves.  Some resources such as KA Lite (off-line version of Khan Academy), are offered in multiple languages.
  • We invite government agencies, corporations and businesses to donate computers, laptops and other Wi-Fi enabled devices to this worthwhile project and in return we will provide our FREE data erasure service using Blancco Software which guarantees 100% data erasure.
  • With Rotary clubs in almost every country and more than 1.2 million members worldwide, our Rotary network will ensure that the resources are going to the purpose intended, education and community development, and that some ongoing support is available locally.
  • We will provide training and technical assistance to Rotarians, other service organisations and individuals who want to make a very positive difference by taking Teacher in a Box in a community.  Please contact us.


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